Tessa Richards

Some of the units I had already covered through the AAT Apprenticeship but more importantly the tasks I haven’t covered yet were explained really well and was interesting. I understand that not everyone has the advantage of learning Finance and Accountancy before the course so it would be a great course for everyone! Wendy explains a lot of day to day dealings with cash and budgeting that help out in personal life which relates to businesses and how an employee can make an impact on a company. Wendy’s style of teaching and explaining is fantastic and there was never a time I didn’t understand what she was explaining. The little games you play throughout the day are brilliant as it changes the learning style and doesn’t become boring. Wendy is very knowledgeable about the course and can answer all questions asked. I would recommend the course to everyone of all ages as Wendy explains the advantages and disadvantages of poor money management and the knock on affect in the future of these.

Tessa Richards  /  ARDO Academy



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